Glitter & Shine by Design 2024-25 A La Carte Custom Costume Pricing and terms.
Sketch Fee $25
Design fee (including sketch and fabric samples) $75
Pricing- Starting costume base pricing is $200 Youth/ $225 Adult
Single layer mesh skirt Full $30/ half skirt $20
Double layer mesh skirt Full $40/ Half skirt $25
Roughing $35-$50 (depending on amount)
Extra Straps (beyond functionality) $7 per strap
Gloves/Arm Cuffs/ Bands $25
Head pieces or hair bows $25
Bows added to base $5 per bow
Appliques hand sewn on $5.00 per applique plus cost of materials
Feathers or fringe added during construction $30 plus cost of materials.
Rhinestones are charged at $20-35 (depending on stone choice) per gross applied with E6000 glue (unless otherwise requested).
Intricate designs may incur additional charges.
Special printed material will be billed at cost.
Customer is responsible for all shipping cost.
*Groups costumes will be discounted 10% with a quote given.

New This Season:

Fully embellished Costume Package Pricing: Sketch fee and Design fee included.
Base + 2-3 Appliques with 5-10 gross of high quality rhinestones : Starting $450
Base + 4-6 Appliques, fringe, or feathers with 10-15 gross of stones : Starting $550 (head piece, arm bands or cuffs included)
Base + 4-6 appliques, fringe, or feathers with 15-20 gross of stones : Starting at $600
(head piece, arm bands or cuffs included)

I nonrefundable deposit of $100 per costume will be required when booking. You will not be put on the schedule until deposit is paid. Material will not be ordered until the deposit is received. Design and measurements are required 6 weeks prior to delivery due date. If I do not have the required info 6 weeks prior to your due date,  your spot may be forfeited.

Balance is due once photo is approved before shipping.

Completed order will be held for 48 hrs. If not paid in full they will be listed for resale.

If an order is canceled for any reason that deposit is forfeited.

When ordering please provide desired due date as well as the first performance date. Orders are scheduled by the due date and not always by deposit date. I do everything in my power to deliver a quality product by the date requested, but due to the nature of this business delays to arise. Any delay will be communicated.

Please keep the update request to a minimum. It does delay the sewing process when I am answer lots of text and emails. I am a small business and am often busy at the sewing machine. I will do my best to communicate, but an extra fee may be added for constant updates.

I use mostly blue moon fabrics and am happy to supply a photo of the color chart at no charge. If there is a specific color from another supplier that you need, I will order. I will only accept material from customer, if agreed upon prior. If I have to have material printed, those cost will be added to the price of the base.

Any remakes not the fault of me the seamstress will be charged at full price. This includes color & design changes. I am not responsible for any changes due to incorrect measurements given. Any changes made to the design after approval will also incur a charge. I am happy to take design elements from other sources as inspiration but, I will not copy other designer’s work. I also do not duplicate catalog costumes. I do custom and semi-custom work only. I can remake any previous designs of ours that you may see on social media, but keep in mind that all applique/stonework will slightly vary. Nothing can be 100% replicated due to the custom nature of our work.

I will have final say on finishes and construction, this is to ensure I am making a functional costume. Placement of decorations(stones, appliqués, feathers) is to my discretion.

All sales of custom orders are final.

If a base is purchased, Alterations can be made prior to embellishments. After embellishments alterations are at my discretion. I cannot be held responsible for damage or mistakes made during embellishments. This includes overstretching and non-stretch due to stone placement.

If I am adding the embellishments and alterations are needed, I will alter at my cost any items that are at the fault of the seamstress brought to my attention within 7 days of delivery. AGAIN, I am not responsible for incorrect measurements given.

When sewing, I sew for the person paying for the costume. 
All Communication will be handled by the person placing the order directly.

Pictures: I do not send in progress pictures. This is due to time consumption reasons. I will send photos of completed base, and completed embellished costume for approval.

Those that need constant additional communication may be charged an extra fee. Please allow 2-3 business days for me to respond. Some days I am quicker than others. I am the only person running this shop, so sometimes I can’t do it all at once. If more than 3 business days go by, please reach out again.

We are not responsible for shipping delays caused by shipping carriers. We will always provide your tracking number of your shipment.

I reserve the right to cancel orders at any time due to inappropriate behavior from the buyer. This includes being rude, harassment, or disrespect. I am providing a service but will not tolerate “dance mom” behavior.

I reserve the right to revise these terms as I see a need and will communicate those changes via email or text.

Rush Orders-
I will require at least a 6 weeks turnaround time for all standard orders. I will be taking orders on a first come first serve with paid deposits. Please keep in mind that I am a home seamstress and do have time limitations. I will accept rush orders only if I have the ability to complete them for an additional charge. There will be a rush fee in addition to any fees that I incur in rush ordering materials. The fees will be as follows:
Orders needed in same month $50
Orders needed in 2 weeks $100
Orders needed same week $150

When placing your order you will receive a copy of these terms and conditions with a signature page required to be returned.